White truffles (Tuber magnatum) are most often found in northern Italy s Piedmont region. Their flesh is either brown with white marbling or pale cream in color. Flavors of the various truffles are comparable and often determined by the location where they were grown. Personal choice will determine which variety and type to select and age of the truffle seems also to make subtle differences in mildness and texture. When a recipe calls for truffle oil you know the taste will be tremendous and as it only takes a small amount to accentuate a dish, cost is minimal.
Another variety, the burgundy or black summer can be found across Europe and is highly prized for the culinary value, paler color, and mild aroma.

Chinese truffles (Tuber silences) are harvested in China during winter months and are another variety which is similar in appearance to French black truffles but must be infused with the extract of better quality truffles to make them more palatable. They are cheaper and China has a bountiful supply but flavour is not of the quality of European varieties.


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