There are many benefits to having a membership in a popular auto club. Some auto clubs are all about providing necessary services to drivers and car lovers. Others seem to be an off-shoot of popular brand names such as gasoline or car dealerships or popular car repair shops. Choosing one only means going over the list of benefits, and is something that shouldn't be left until one's car breaks down.
Typical benefits of a car club involve things such as towing and winching or extrication services. Most Canadians have experienced trying to start a car and finding the engine simply won't turn over because of the cold weather. Surprisingly many people in some provinces don't yet know to plug their car in at night on the coldest nights of the winter. So, the leading auto club membership offers a battery boosting service. A tow truck will come to the member's home or even to the side of a deserted road to help get a battery going with a boost.


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